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The Meeting with the elders

Went Well! They asked us questions about doctrinal stuff, we answered, they voted us in, and I insulted the preacher. 🙂 Details: After they voted us in, Pastor B said that they’d install us in front of the congregation but … Continue reading

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Please look at the name of this blog ^

This time last week I woke up with a pounding headache. It felt like a small troupe of tympani drummers had installed themselves behind my eyeballs and were practicing their bit for Thus Spake Zarathustra. BOOM boom BOOM boom…ad nauseum. … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s the day

Tomorrow we meet with the preacher and elders of Trinity Church to see about joining. “What?” you say, “Shouldn’t a church let anyone in?” Well sure, I answer, but not for communion, or possible leadership positions. They just want to … Continue reading

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OO cool!

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pardon a minute, I think I need to sit down

I’m piddling my way through the latest Fine Cooking email and there’s this ad to the side that catches my eye. O mah saints and angels… Natually I click on it, can’t help mahself. It’s salt, that tastes like bacon. … Continue reading

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Dietary Redonk

(to borrow a word from Cute Overload) Here’s the situation. I’m a bit overweight, by say, 50 pounds. High blood pressure, kidney disease, high triglycerides, but the cholesterol’s ok. Now, for the kidney disease I’m supposed to cut out the … Continue reading

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I think I might be kinda allergic to onions. I love onions, and they’re in about everything I cook. However, recently (like in the past couple of years-recently is a relative thing when you pass 40) whenever I cook something … Continue reading

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