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Trying to be Spontaneous

We’re planning this trip I’ve been rattling on about. We’re driving, in Carmina with the top down (when it’s not raining) from here to Amarillo, and back again via the Panhandle, Oklahoma and Kansas via Route 66 and it’s myriad … Continue reading

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On Being Low Maintenance

To clarify: by ‘Low Mainentance’ I don’t mean in the philosophical sense, as one of those girlfriends a fellow never has to buy for, and is happiest watching football and providing endless nachoes for the boyfriend’s buddies. Oh no, not … Continue reading

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‘nother recipe

Now this is easy-peasy. Delicious, too, and good for you. #4 liked it alot, and he doesn’t like anything that isn’t deep fried and covered in cheese. Summer Smoothie 2 cups frozen mango chunks (or pineapple, or peach, or any … Continue reading

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Today is the very first day of Summer Vacation 2009. We have 2 months to cram in all the laziness, cold salads and swimming we can. 2 months of sloppy clothes, flipflops and top down on the car. Grilled foods, … Continue reading

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Spent 2 Hours

O yes! and it was fun, too, really, not in that sarcastic “well…THAT was fun, o yea” Rootie sort of way. I went up to the school, to impose my uninvited self on the cookout. I took one look at … Continue reading

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I’m trying! Really, I am!

Today is the day of the 4th grade cookout. About 2 weeks ago a letter was sent home asking for volunteers to help with it. Naturally, since I’ve got all kinds of time for such things, I signed up, with … Continue reading

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Cold-Cure Chicken Soup

#2 woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat. At least he’s off work and won’t be barking all over people’s Double Bacon Cheeseburgers at the local DQ. So, because I am a Good Mother ™ and … Continue reading

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Riding the Kudzu

Have you ever had one of Those Days? You know the kind, where you wake up inexplicably cheerful, expecting certain discomfort and even pain and it’s not there at all? And even better, you feel like singing a bit, humming … Continue reading

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The Green Smoothie Movement

Over at The Red Umbrella, Bella Rum has posted about The Green Smoothie Movement. I was intrigued, and decided to play with the concept. Now, I think the whole idea is rawther…y’know…kind of Hallelujah Acres or something, and I am … Continue reading

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I thought about reopening the Rootie’s Kitchen website, just for recipes, but I think I like putting them here instead. This way, if I can’t come up with a compelling blog topic, I can always put up a recipe. Nice … Continue reading

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