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The Most Perfect Baby Ever And That’s Not Exaggerating.

My first grandbaby was born a couple of days ago! He is called Burrito, or Jellybean, or whatever comes to mind at the moment. He looks like the love child of a Cabbage Patch Kid and a peach, and surely … Continue reading

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and there it is

All along, the past 3.5 months, I have been wondering if I was Doing It Right. I was too at ease with all this mess. No, I wasn’t HAPPY Himself was gone, and I missed him very much, but reading … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think too much.

It’s kind of like wandering through the unfamiliar forest. I grew up with a 2000 acre forest/river/marsh/meadows behind the house, and many, many days were spent wandering through them. They were very familiar and comfortable. An unfamiliar one, however lovely … Continue reading

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Carry on 2

This morning has been rough. I keep missing Himself so very much. Most of the time it’s a dark spot in the back of my head that I can..not really ignore, but at least acknowledge it and move on. Today, … Continue reading

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