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You can’t pick your relatives. I wish there were some way I could gracefully bow out of the lives of some people while retaining a relationship with others, but I can’t. They’re a package deal. I have to figure out … Continue reading

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The trip to the grocery store…oy vey.  It was Big Groceries, too, a whole buggy full. I was nearly checked out, maybe 5 items left, and…the cash register computers died. All of them.  The cashier said “uh boy…last time this … Continue reading

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Blame it on the hurricane

Isaac isn’t anywhere near us. It’s way over there approaching the Mississippi delta (good grief and they aren’t fully recovered from Katrina yet, bless their hearts.) And yet, my arthritis…it’s like…some kind of psychosomatic thing. I hear “hurricane” and go … Continue reading

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I am doing 11 loads of laundry today. 6 of them belong to CJ, and are covered with industrial grease. He is paying me to do it. O yes, he is. In the washing of all this laundry, I have … Continue reading

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Somebody get these guys in a Biology Class

Will someone please get these men a biology class? First, Representative Todd Akin says that women who are victims of legitimate rape won’t conceive because the body shuts down and prevents conception. I am, because I am nice this way, … Continue reading

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Terry’s New Blog! 

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You know what? When I make a martini (good gin, even better vermouth,plenty of ice in a shaker), I make a big one. And it relaxes me. I suppose I should be somehow ashamed of this, or something, but I … Continue reading

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The cat is doing much better.

Yesterday morning she starting coughing, big hacking wet coughs…I worried briefly then looked down at her food bowl and saw that she was finally eating (she hadn’t eaten since Wednesday, and when you’re a 6 pound cat not eating for … Continue reading

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What I want, what I want, what I really really want

A way to lose 50 pounds without a diet or surgery or disease.  I’d make a zillion$ if I could come up with that. Or exercise. Ye gods I am lazy. For ALL of my children to have a Plan. … Continue reading

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Update on the cat

Gracie has the flu. The vet tested her for the Really Nasty things- feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and she was negative for both. Apparently a cat that is strictly an indoor cat has a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting … Continue reading

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