I’d like a taco, please

I think everyone has a go-to thing for whatever situation comes up. I have them, and as compulsive as it seems (c’mon Rootie! Show some IMAGINATION! Where’s your spontinaet sponteniet darn it…”the act of being spontaneous”)
Well, if you haven’t learned anything about me YET, know this…I am a creature of habit, and once I find something I really like, that works well, I am loathe to replace it, to branch out and find something else that might be better because, DARNIT, I am COMFORTABLE with what works.

Like tacos. Let’s say it’s 7pm on Sunday night, and #4 has just been dropped at church for youth group, which lasts until 8:30. Let’s say because it’s Sunday,nothing has been cooked all day,that whole “Sabbath Day Of Rest” thing is taken very seriously, and that includes not cooking. There is nothing restful about having to prepare 3 meals and set the table and rush rush because it’s 1pm when we get home from church and everyone is starving. it’s much nicer to throw up the hands and just say ‘you’re on your own, I’m taking the day off’ So, may Sunday evenings, while #4 is at youth group, Terry will say “lets go get tacos” and El Sombrero will benefit from this. Besides, you can get 3 lovely tacos for $4, and all the chips and salsa you want. For less than $10, we get tasty food. Do I ever say “Let’s go to Sonic and get a burger” or “Gosh I’d love some chicken strips from GoodBirds”? No. Tacos from El Som. Every time.

Then there’s the nail polish. I like to keep my toenails pretty in the summer, because of sandals. It’s really the only region of vanity on this body. And there is, yes,a go-to nail polish color. Because I know it works. “Wood Violet” which is actually not a violet at all, not even remotely, but more like a muted creamed cranberry. It’s pretty and I like it. Not long ago a 13 yr old friend gifted me with a bottle of cobalt blue nail polish, and WOAH talk about outside my comfort zone but I kinda love it!

I shop from 2 clothing catalogs, eat the same thing at familiar restaurants (why risk getting something you don’t like, having to pay for it, etc? We eat out so seldom I don’t see any reason to NOT get something I know I like!), wear the same brand of shoes, use the same brand of teabags, peanut butter, movie director (tho that’s changing,since getting Netflix and not haing to spend extra money on a movie I might not like). I read the same authors (even tho it doesn’t cost a penny to read a different one…I hate the thought of wasting time on a bad book).

When we go to Atlanta, there’s no “Let’s see what’s in Buckhead!” no…it’s lunch at the Oriental Pearl (DIM SUM!!), then a visit to the Asian Market in Chamblee, with it’s indecipherable sauces and myriad noodles and occasional keffir lime leaves, then on to The Dekalb Farmer’s Market for CHEEEEEEESE, Gromit!,

that's the look I get when cheese is involved

and Atlanta’s an enormous place with much to offer beyond Dim Sum and Cheeeeese, but I know what’s where and other than an occasional foray into Little Five Points where Terry and I stick out like aliens from Andromeda (LFP is…shall we say, where the Alternative Types hang out, and not being Alternative, we wind up being VERY Alternative in that venue),but that only happens if we’re both feeling Brave.

So ok, maybe I am turning into one of these people who always eats pork chops on Tuesday, well not really, because reality is there is rarely a repeated recipe in this household, food being one area where adventure happens (unless it’s Sunday), but you know what I mean…if it works why change it? If it’s comfortable,why risk discomfort?

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8 Responses to I’d like a taco, please

  1. JerseyChick says:

    This is what makes you the perfect anchor for weirdos like me!

    • rootietoot says:

      and see, I have absolutely no negative issue with weirdos like you, even admire them and enjoy being forced out of the comfort zone, it’s just not something that happens within my immediate realm.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’m pretty much the same – not much of an adventurer. I have a lot of those in my family though, and like you, I admire them, but it isn’t for me. Tried and true bring comfort to this old gal. I do one thing that could be considered adventurous. I will sneak into old abandoned houses or houses that are being built and happen to have a door left open, or any kind of house that allows access when no one is in sight. I think it’s called trespassing? I don’t vandalize though.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, and these are houses that have no one living in them. I mean, I wouldn’t just walk into your house while you were at Walmart.

  4. Kathryn says:

    You should treat yourself to a burger at The Vortex, the next time you’re in L5P. I LOVE that place. I’ll even suggest the Blue ‘shroom burger with fried zucchini on the side. Also, THE BEST Thai food is a hole in the wall called Little Bangkok on Cheshire Bridge Road. And, if you’re going to the asian market at Asian Square on Buford Hwy., make sure that you try Ming’s BBQ. I suggest the duck, the soy sauce chicken, or the dry beef chow fun.

    • rootietoot says:

      Awesome Kathryn! Thanks! We like to eat Thai at Zab-E-Lee in College Park, but Cheshire Bridge Road is much closer to where we do everything else. We have this dream of taking a long weekend, and eating our way from Chamblee to College Park, 5 meals a day, no excuses.

  5. Rhu says:

    Nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. Nothing at all.

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