It’s why I’m zaftig. Or: Excuses excuses

So I was thinking about the past couple of days. Then I read a friend’s post where she talked about the past couple of days and how her time was pretty much all spent kicking videogame ass. The I thought a about the past few days again and realized how much of it involved FOOD.

I tell you what, food seems to be a really important thing in this household. I mean really. No wonder I am so zaftig.

Ok let me break it down for you. Friday Terry and I went to Atlanta. Most of the plans we made involved where to eat and when. He has a crackberry, so I was able to get online as we were traveling (I will never fail to be astonished by that, getting on the internet WHILE IN A CAR) and figure out what restaurant was where and which was the most efficient way to plan our route so as to cram as much food into the short time we had.

Then Friday night was spent figuring out which of the myriad restaurants within walking distance of our hotel (which had 2 restaurants of it’s own, but we wanted to get off the excessivly hip premises, as it was making us both nervous) we would visit. We chose The Tamarind Seed, where I learned of the existence of the lychee mojito, and Terry decided green pickled peppercorns were The Next Great Thing, and put both on the long list of culinary Must Haves.

The next day was spent in search of more food. Some people go to a big city to look for antiques (I’m telling you, the second hand stores on a road like Peachstree Street or Ponce De Leon Avenue are in a WHOLE different class from the Goodwill Store in Statesboro), or to shp for clothes or to go to clubs…not us. We look for food. A place like Atlanta is heaven for us, with it’s huge ethnic variety. The Dekalb Farmer’s Market, Asian groceries in Chamblee, Dim Sum…heaven heaven. Much food was aquired.

Then Sunday…what did I do? I cooked. And cooked. A trip to Atlanta always inspires. First, BBQ ribs. Someone online told me of oven steaming the ribs, then grilling. They were falling off the bone perfect. I made my own rub, then my own whiskey sauce that even met with CJ’s approval and he’s really picky about stuff like that. While the ribs were cooking I got a hankering for laab gai spring rolls. Laab gai is a Thai chicken salad, full of lemongrass (Got some in Atlanta!)and mint (in the garden!)and seasoned with fish sauce (check!) and lime juice (yay!). Not the least complicated thing, but I wanted some to go with the lychee mojitoes. Terry cooked corn on the cob (fresh yellow corn from the DFK)and we ate. And ate. and ate. and drank some booze. And ate some more.

Today will involve leftovers: corn, ribs, laab gai (will make it into more spring rolls OR I might give the new rice steamer a go and make sticky rice).

So much of my world seems to revolve around food. I have a friend who’s on some kind of diet like Atkins where all she can eat is protien and she gets these packets of stuff so she doesn’t have to cook much. The stuff tastes nasty, but she’s ok with it. I would not be ok with nasty food. I have to have the good stuff, homemade. Whenever I eat out, if the food is particularly delicious, I take the dish apart, analyze it, try to figure out
what it’s made of and if i can replicate it at home. Then I’ll do just that. Like the lychee mojito. Soon I’m going to attempt the masaman kai I had for dinner Friday night. (hm…chicken, potatoes, pearl onions…I’ll use vidalias…masaman curry-got some at the Asian market-coconut milk…avocados…serve it with sticky rice…here it is 7am on Sunday morning and I want some NOW)

Some people have a passion for music, or fine clothes, or books, or their yard. Some like to relax playing video games, or watching old movies, or tinkering with their new RC car. I like to cook. To analyze a recipe and figure out how to improve it, and then to eat the results. It’s why I am…y’know…Zaftig.


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