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Ok I’m trying…

I wrote a long and whiny post, then deleted it. Oh sure, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, but no. Not today. Today I am ignoring the whines and making a list of stuff I am … Continue reading

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Rainy Monday

I’m sure there’s a cheesy ’70’s pop song about rainy mondays. Maybe even some contemporary band like Chemical Romance has one…No? Well anyway, I have a rainy Monday and I love it. It’s peaceful. Laundry is churning already, chicken is … Continue reading

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What do you fear? How do you deal with it? I don’t mean the little things- like I fear cockroaches and deal with them with a great deal of hysteria and violence- I mean the big things like mortality and … Continue reading

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So, I saw Dr. S this morning, all a-worried because I had pretty much convinced myself that I would be enduring yet another hip replacement. Ha! Tis to laugh! Dr S took x-rays and proudly announced that my hip looked … Continue reading

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The Little Woman

*attention* this post in no way implies that Terry treats me as The Little Woman. He doesn’t. I love my job. I get a huge kick out of keeping the house clean(ish), running #4 around to his various activities, and … Continue reading

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A favor to ask

I see the orthopedist on Wednesday. In order to fortify my psyche for the event, I am getting a haircut tomorrow. It’s been over a year since my last cut and I am looking forward to having something with a … Continue reading

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Mah Hero!

Terry’s fiddling with the TV right now. It has a plethora of cords, and.. I despise seeing a tangle of them…and he says right out of the blue “the case of the one-eyed killer stud horse” and I’m like “whut?” … Continue reading

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