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Happy Birthday #4!

You are 9 years old today and I can hardly believe it. Just 2 weeks ago (or so) we called you Marshmallow Baby because you were soft and squishy and O! So sweet! You grew and grew but stayed really … Continue reading

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Monday, monday, including a melee

Later this week #3 and I will be flying to Texas and driving home (in a teeny underpowered truck, with no cruise control and manual transmission. Won’t that be fun!). Sometime this week I’ll be fixing up food for #2 … Continue reading

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Letters from Walter

Dear Y’all: Yes it is time to write again, even though I have got little to write about today. So to start with I’ll answer your question as to my name rank, etc. S/sgt Walter Thomas marshall, seriel number (123456 … Continue reading

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Supersonic Saturday

We’re kinda stretching the birthday thing out over the whole weekend. Today we went to the Aviation Museum in Warner Robins and looked at all sorts of airplanes and dioramas with mannequins wearing WW2 uniforms and it got HOT like … Continue reading

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There now pt 2

Ok! Cuban were made and everyone liked them. SB- I forgot the mustard, but Sweet Daddio took a bite and said “this needs mustard”, and yellow French’s was applied, to everyones satisfaction. It also needed more pickle than I anticipated, … Continue reading

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There now…

A pork roast is in the oven, to be turned in to sammiches. Pickles are chilling in the fridge, and I bought some good ham, sliced not-too-thin and some swiss. The KitchenAid workhorse is pounding away on some bread dough … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what I want to do today. It’s supposed to be warm and gorgeous, so I’m thinking I may walk Lily to Willow Pond. I neglected to see Mrs. B last week, so I should pay her a … Continue reading

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I’ve just started posting recipes from Grandmother’s notebook over at Rootie’s Kitchen

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Walter’s War Stories 1

Dear Y’all, Well here I go again and I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. You asked where I saw the pyramids well that is easy, I saw them in the distance while we were going through … Continue reading

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Walter’s War Stories

My recently deceased grandfather had a brother named Walter, who died last October of bladder cancer. Upon going through Grandad’s effects a couple of weeks ago I came across a big envelope labeled “Walter’s War Stories”. Intrigued, I opened it … Continue reading

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