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Introducing Gloria

This is what I spent all day yesterday working on. Gloria is about 9 inches tall. This is the first time in a very long time I’ve actually really been proud of something I’ve made. It feels kind of…odd, really. … Continue reading

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I decided to spend the day tuning my sculpting skills, such as they are. I like making angels to give to teachers and all, but have been dissatisfied with the faces. I can’t do noses. They look like muppets. I’m … Continue reading

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So that’s why I made cookies yesterday, and cried the blues, self flagellating and all. For some reason the standard “Eat your face off and spit the bones into the pond” PMS behavior didn’t quite manifest that way. Instead, it … Continue reading

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Cookies. I love cookies, fresh from the oven. With the notable exception of Oreos, I do not like mass produced cookies. Not at all. I mean, Chips ABlech are like little plaster discs thinly disguised with too much sugar and … Continue reading

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Which Star Trek Character Am I?

Your results:You are An Expendable Character (Redshirt) An Expendable Character (Redshirt) 100% Beverly Crusher 85% Geordi LaForge 75% Leonard McCoy (Bones) 55% Spock 52% Uhura 50% Worf 50% Deanna Troi 50% Mr. Scott 45% Chekov 45% Jean-Luc Picard 45% Data … Continue reading

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I wonder if you ever stop worrying about your kids.

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