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confounded by technology

I have this picture in my phone, that is of CJ (18) with his pet rooster on his shoulder. It’s a little bantam rooster, and what make it sweet to me is how I’ve always called CJ a bantam rooster. … Continue reading

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Scared to be happy

That’s me, the eternal pessimi…I mean…realist. Whenever things start to go smoothly, rather than sit back and enjoy it, I get nervous and start looking for the catch, for that other proverbial shoe to drop. And no, things aren’t going … Continue reading

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Dr wrld r u anoyd by txt msg abrvs? me 2. I h8 thm kthxbai

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Lessons Learned

from having a 12 yr old girl in the house for 3 weeks: 1.There are as many different versions of pink as there are of legos. 2. Oranges are their own food goup 3. Cats prefer girls, generally 4. You … Continue reading

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It’s so good it deserves it’s own post

“Have some more bacon” “No, I’m too upset to eat bacon.” Wendell loved bacon. It was sacred food for him and he didn’t want to sully the experience by partaking of it while in a dark mood. “…sure you don’t … Continue reading

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Early Sunday Morning

I love the early Sunday morning, because no one is up. Terry sleeps in, I can hear the coffee pot making it’s random noises, and this morning there’s a thunderstorm. I love a good thunderstorm, inside the thick walls of … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

See, Loaner Girl has had what I call a No Good Terrible Really Rotten Lousy Day. For reasons I won’t go into but they are entirely justified (they include the disappointment of RAIN on the day we meant to go … Continue reading

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