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Because I do this sort of thing

Some of you may remember that, a while back, CJ got himself into trouble and was put on probation. Then after that he moved up to Madison to live with Uncle Navy Dude and finish up high school. Part of … Continue reading

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Want to make your uterus contract?

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SO I’m sitting here…

wanting to blog about something, sipping on my morning coffee, snug in a red bathrobe and slippers with the heater blowing and a couple of titmice in the birdfeeder, and puffed up and fat looking in the cold. A very … Continue reading

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Taco soup

for supper tonight I wanted something like chili that wasn’t chili. I’d heard rumors of taco soup, so investigated a bit at Allrecipes and found several. Never one to stick exactly to any recipe, I fiddled around and came up … Continue reading

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Dear Mom,

Thank you for being such a wealth of entertainment! Part the First: for not giving up the lexicon of the 1970’s. For using Groovy, and carrying on with the TruckerSpeak that was so popular. You know not how very much … Continue reading

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Dear Rootie

Time to change the blog header, love.

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Dear Mom Thank you for not griping the whole time you were here. I didn’t know who to expect, the I Don’t Understand My DaughterInLaw Mom or the That’s a Tasty Soup Mom. I got the Tasty Soup Mom and … Continue reading

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Where I tackle the news for a bit

See, this is where I think these people should be put on an island out nowhere. No, I don’t think they should *all* be put to the death penalty, but they should be removed from society for good. This whole … Continue reading

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