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The town where Terry’s parents live

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and that’s all she wrote!

No, this is not the last post ever, but that’s what we say when It’s Over, Finished, End of the Story. There’s a birdhouse on our patio. It has been noisy and busy with a titmouse family. I love a … Continue reading

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It’s not even May yet

I have the air conditioner going. It got up to 92 today. I kind of despise air conditioning, but Terry says he works all day in a hot plant and wants to come home to a cool house, so I … Continue reading

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Easter Wrap Up

There’s all sorts of impressions that go along with Easter. If you’re secular, there’s bunnies and Cadbury Creme Eggs and egg hunts with big baskets and blooming things and chicks. For the Christians, there’s Christ’s resurrection and Easter Lilies (which … Continue reading

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Where it all starts to fall into place

Ok, over the past few years I’ve written about the drama with my kids. I haven’t put everything out there, but enough that you know there’s been some real head-banging and gut-wrenching things going on. It’s settled down a bit. … Continue reading

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Attention: New Recipe at Rootie’s kitchen

Introducing: The Brownie Apocalypse

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The toe is not so bad this morning.

It’s still technicolor, and I am still QUITE aware that it’s there, as opposed to the little toe on the other foot, which I am not aware of at all unless I look at it. It’s not as swollen either, … Continue reading

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Guess what I did this morning! you’ll never, so I’ll tell you

When 5am rolled around and I was hit with the standard “it’s 5am and I gotta pee” alarm, as I was staggering in the dark to the bathroom, the doorway shifted over 3 inches to the right from where it … Continue reading

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I love looking at other people’s shoes. I am not a shoe person. There are maybe…8 pair in my closet, and 4 of those are sneakers/ratty things that are worn in the garden or when doing mud related activities. None … Continue reading

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Well of course I am…

I’m baking 3 large, flat loaves of focaccia this morning. I tried to make rolls yesterday, did in fact make hard little knotty things, so they got tossed and with fresh flour and yeast there are fragrant herbal loaves of … Continue reading

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