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I’d like a taco, please

I think everyone has a go-to thing for whatever situation comes up. I have them, and as compulsive as it seems (c’mon Rootie! Show some IMAGINATION! Where’s your spontinaet sponteniet darn it…”the act of being spontaneous”) Well, if you haven’t … Continue reading

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I have Systems. The week is orderly, each day defined by what’s to be done, when and how. There’s also Food Systems. Cooking a meal is more than just cooking for the 3, 4 or sometimes 5 and occasionally 6 … Continue reading

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After 2+ weeks of master bathroom renovations (which still aren’t done, but at least I can see the end of it now), the bedroom was a flamin’ mess. A pile of paint cans, drop clothes,baskets full of shi…er…stuff from the … Continue reading

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How to flip my switch

Y’know what, competence is dead sexy. I have been accused of being unromantic, of lacking sentimentality, such like, because on the top of my list of requirements for a husband was mechanical competence. I knew that it would be incredibly … Continue reading

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A Perfect Wife and mother

My days tend to be pretty relaxed, by necessity. If they’re crammed full of doing doing doing, going here and there making sure this gets done tightening drawer pullscleaningshoppinglaundryobligationnotimetoeatbreathe…it all turns into anxiety over ONOwhatdidiforgetiforgotsomethingimportantbutidon’tknowhatONO…which feeds itself and becomes a … Continue reading

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Lady Parts

Content warning: do not read this if you are a man of delicate sensibilities. You have been warned. I’ve written before about the gynecological issues I’ve had in the past. Things like 10 days of copious bleeding, unremitting cramps, and … Continue reading

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Looking back

Today is my 46th birthday- not exactly a Benchmark Birthday, but still it means another year passed, still healthy, still married, all’s well here. Naturally I’m thinking and taking stock, because it’s what happens on a birthday here. My first … Continue reading

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