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Spiritual Ex-Lax

The nice part of it all is now I have relief. I feel a relief of the burden of responsibility for CJ. Oh sure, I still love him. I’ll still worry about him, I *am* his mother, after all. But, … Continue reading

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It Is done, every say with me: HUZZAH!

It’s done. I know it’s done because I was there and I saw it, every bit of it. The nerves before, the angst about the future, the nervous smile during the walk, and the *poof* disappearance afterward. As far as … Continue reading

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More cause for celebration

Today I saw my nephrologist. To recap: I spent most of my life in pain due to a malformed hip, which became much worse in time but the orthopedists said I was too young for a hip replacement and refused … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken and sweet summer corn salad

It’s the best of the upcoming summer- grilled goodness in a cool salad. Yum, y’all Ok, plan on making the salad the day after you grill those chicken breasts, grill a couple of extras and throw an extra ear of … Continue reading

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The Teflon Man

That’s Terry’s new name for CJ. Ok, as described in the previous post, he’s graduating. He told me last night due to someone else’s (naturally) screw up, he owes money to the library for a missing book, and will not … Continue reading

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There’s never a guarentee.

I checked, and it’s official. My son CJ, the one whom caused angst and worry and I honestly had no idea, that one…. He’s Graduating. He passed all his finals, passed all his classes and has earned his high school … Continue reading

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Adults kids are awesome

Last night I lured ok…bribed ok invited Will and David over for a pot roast supper. You know, the whole 9 yards, a chunk of slow roasted beef, potatoes in a rich gravy made from the juices of the roast … Continue reading

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Bacon Deviled Eggs

Oh Yeah, you know you want them. 6 eggs, boiled (instructions to follow) 4 strips normal, thin bacon, cooked crispy (I do it in the oven, instructions to follow) a big blob of mayonnaise (ok like…1/3 cup or something) some … Continue reading

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Menfolk and those of tender sensibilities can move along to something else. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Once a month, after the PMS crunchies, I get tired, hungry, and not so much cranky-want-to-shoot-something as just…eh…leave me alone to my … Continue reading

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Google contest

please click the link below and Vote for Indira. She is in my nephew’s class at Bluewater and her google design has been selected from thousands of entries. if you could PLEASE take a second and vote. she is the … Continue reading

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