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I do not like Amarillo, Texas. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I do like my grandmother, and the only reason she’s in Amarillo is because she’s from Canyon and Amarillo was the closest place with the … Continue reading

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all packed, with the exception of that one last bag, you know the one…that one bag that has the bits and pieces of stuff that are still being used. Reading glasses, Kindle, toothbrush. Yes, I use a Kindle. If it’s … Continue reading

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Do….be do be do.

It is amazing how Having Something To DO is so energizing. One thing I can’t stand is getting all emotional and hand-flappy and running around like my head has fallen off.  I do not play the helpless female very well. … Continue reading

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A whole new experience

Yesterday was rough, y’all.  I got a call from my father, who asked me to call Grandmother and talk to her, assess her over the phone. Grandmother’s 100th birthday is in August, and she lives in a (very nice…REALLY REALLY … Continue reading

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New recipe up!

Massaman Curry The Kinda Easy Way

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Para-Noya- It’ll Destroy-ya

I admit to being a bit f a paranoid personality. No, I don’t hear voices in my head that tell me I’m being followed by the Secret Service and my neighbors are minions of Satan hell-bent on making my tomatoes … Continue reading

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and just like that, it’s 1975

I mailed #4’s final payment for camp last week. Satisfied that he was all set, I felt like a grown-up and Proper Mother. My kid’s going to camp, as kids like to do, he has his medical thingy, all the … Continue reading

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A weekend away

Last week, I made arrangements to spend a couple of days with a friend near Atlanta. Her husband and son were going to be elsewhere, and the idea of a weekend saturated in estrogen (and chocolate mousse) was too good … Continue reading

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I woke up hungry this morning. Not just “gee, I could eat something” but “WE NEED TO GO TO CRACKER BARREL WHERE I CAN GET THE OLD TIMER’S BREAKFAST WITH EXTRA BISCUITS” which here in the Deepest South, is not … Continue reading

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Suffering the consequences

So. Yesterday was full of consequences. (before you worry, no one died, no relationships were ended, and actually this post has nothing to do with anything related to the last 2 posts) I wear aprons around the house. I am … Continue reading

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