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Chicken tacos with corn relish

Now this is all my own recipe, cobbled together because I had some corn on the cob that needed using, and 1/2 a red pepper and some cilantro fixin’ to wilt. Served up in yellow corn taco shells with a … Continue reading

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Is Church making me sick?

I said in my last post, I love church, I love the liturgy and the comfort of familiar music, I even (believe it or not) kind of enjoy the whole getting ready process, making sure the clothes are clean and … Continue reading

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Church Stinks, but other than that, it’s great!

We went to church today. Yesterday, I made up my mind that we would, and we did. Just like that. Earlier in the week #4 asked me why we didn’t go to church, and I asked him if he wanted … Continue reading

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Sandwich Saturday

I’ve said it before, I love a good sandwich. I want a carefully crafted, well thought out sandwich on good bread with tasty real meats and sauces. Today’s sandwich is a family favorite. It has rare red meat (MEEEEEEAT!) and … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago I had my hip replaced. It took about 2 weeks of preparation, cooking,cleaning, getting everything ready almost like having a baby or something. Then there was the 10 week recovery with people in the house … Continue reading

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King Ranch Casserole

This is one of those phenomenal expanding recipes, that on the surface looks like ok, maybe it will feed 4. It’s got 2 chicken breasts, some tortillas and a can of tomatoes. 4 people, tops, right? Wrong. It fills a … Continue reading

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Do what you want, when you can.

Terry is not looking forward to this next surgery…I mean, who does? Does anyone (except maybe a person with Munchhausen’s) ever look forward to it? No? I didn’t think so. While I looked forward to the results of having my … Continue reading

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Gee! Congee!

Because we’re staring down a heckalotta hospital bills suddenly, I am having to revert my thinking back to Cheap. Particularly in the Food Department, because that’s where I spend most of the household money. So, calling upon memory has been … Continue reading

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So, Terry has to have another surgery on his arm, to repair ligaments that disconnected during the original injury that broke the 2 bones in his lower arm and required surgery to put in plates and so on…Ok, I thought. … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news…

Today is filled with visits to the physicians. Terry is seeing the orthopod about his wrist, which has been misbehavin’, acting all wrong, looking strange. The other night he was pretty much convinced that they’d have to break his arm … Continue reading

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