Lessons Learned

from having a 12 yr old girl in the house for 3 weeks:

1.There are as many different versions of pink as there are of legos.

2. Oranges are their own food goup

3. Cats prefer girls, generally

4. You don’t have to wait until a rose bloom is dead, to pick it off the bush.

5. You will never get all the glitter up.

6.Hair is a fashion accessory, not a bodily function.

7. Boys really are silly.

8. Rolling your eyes and sighing is more of an X-chromosomal trait than a learned behavior

9. Boys are really easily confused (ok I knew that but it took seeing it second hand to recognize it)

10. Yes,you *can* watch Pride and Prejudice 3 times in a row and still think it’s funny.


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