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Hunters and gatherers

I see 2 styles of shoppers- hunters and gatherers.   Hunters go in knowing exactly what they want, find it and buy it whether it’s on sale or not, then leave.  At the risk of being sexist, this is how … Continue reading

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Well whatayaknow pt 2

Ok this is going to be FUN! We met with the designer yesterday. His name is CJ Bryant and he does all sorts of things,not just wedding dresses, but that’s what he won Best New Designer for at a show … Continue reading

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Terry’s New Blog! 

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This is living la vida lazy

I am, right now, on the 17th floor in a corner room of the Intercontinental Hotel in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. I can see the Atlanta skyline to the right, and Stone Mountain straight ahead. And trees. Lots of … Continue reading

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As spontaneous as a long distance adoption.

I can’t help it. I don’t like surprises and I am not one of those spur-of-the-moment types. I don’t like it when someone just drops in for a chat (unless it’s someone I know VERY well, whom I am confident … Continue reading

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Riding the wave

For the past several weeks, I have been depressed. I don’t show it much when that happens. Not really. My psychiatrist, The Good Dr. H, once said “Peggy, you’re not a public bleeder”, and that is entirely true. When a … Continue reading

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I get a haircut maybe twice a year, more likely once a year. It grows very slowly, and I like it to be long enough when I *do* get it cut that I have style options. What generally happens, is … Continue reading

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