It ain’t over ’til it’s over

I have the dubious distinction of being The Fat Lady around here so maybe come end of May I’ll be singing. I hope so.

It’s still very up in the air about CJ graduating. He is short some worksheets in the one class he’s failing and since he’s going to be here next week (Spring Break) I’m going to kind of push him to get them done. They’re easy stuff, Eli could do them, but CJ balks when he sees 10 of them and doesn’t do ANY of them. It kind of makes me worried for his future work ethic. I mean, what is he going to do when he’s in someone’s transmission and decides to go fishing instead of putting it back together? I don’t know! There’s money issues too, but that will get worked out.

I keep telling myself: he’s 18, soon to be 19. He’s allowed to make his own mistakes and needs to suffer the consequences.

Even if it means not graduating. He can take a credit recovery course this summer. Except that now he’s looking at not graduating for another reason: skipping school. I don’t know these things, I never EVER skipped. If he is not allowed to graduate because of skipping, does this mean he fails EVERY class, not just the one he has a failing grade in?

He’s 18, soon to be 19. He’s allowed to make his own mistakes and needs to suffer the consequences.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am not a lousy no good horrible rotten parent because I have a child who is willfull and hard headed. I am a normal parent with a willfull and hardheaded child. Even the Drill Sergeant Uncle who took him in for 6 months said he’d never seen such cussedness, which was kind of reassuring in a sick sort of way.

I JUST want this OVER WITH. I want him THROUGH with school so I really can let him go to be an adult on his own with his own mistakes. I was able to do that with Will, and Will has (finally) turned out pretty well. I am TIRED.


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2 Responses to It ain’t over ’til it’s over

  1. Stone Fox says:

    you are NOT NOT NOT a lousy parent; on the contrary, you are a great parent for not washing your hands of him the second he turned 18. just think: drill sergeant uncle could only put up with him for six months. you had him for the OTHER EIGHTEEN YEARS!! i get tired just thinking of that. i think you’ve made the right decisions every step of the way. on that last day of school, give yourself permission to be all done with it whether he graduates or not. at least take a break, anyways.

    • rootietoot says:

      I really am trying. At least now my attitude has gone from “oh WOE! WHAT will he DO?” to a certain amusement and “here he goes again”. I have decided that, because the other was slowly killing me. And you know what happened coincidentally with that decision? My blood pressure dropped. Amazing, that. However, I do still, occasionally, beat myself up. But not as often.

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