Retail Therapy

See, Loaner Girl has had what I call a No Good Terrible Really Rotten Lousy Day. For reasons I won’t go into but they are entirely justified (they include the disappointment of RAIN on the day we meant to go to the beach). So, because even tho there is only a vestigial nubbin of femininity left in my psyche, as long term exposure to testosterone has stunted it, I decided to call upon that nubbin and indulge in that most ladylike of activities: shopping.

Get this (shocking! I know!) JC Penney was having a SALE (gasp!). I haven’t shopped like that since…well…Ever. Loaner Girl is a pro. She shops like a huntress, and turns it into this amazing game…well anyway, I have never had such an experience and I told her that I’m never going clothes shopping again unless she comes with.

We came out of it with a bag full of stuff, including a skirt and top for me, and lots of goods for her (that needed a touch of altering, as most 12 yr olds aren’t built like Marilyn Monroe) but her No Good Terrible Really Rotten Lousy Day turned around, as I’d hoped it would.

And I had more fun shopping than I ever thought possible.

Then we ate. Ruby Tuesday’s for their yummy fries and a sandwich, discussion about future shopping trips, all that girly stuff.

I am so grateful I have friends willing to let me borrow girls!

Even #4 said he would miss her, that he kind of liked having a part time sister.


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One Response to Retail Therapy

  1. Mom's Bits says:

    Sounds like a fabulous day! I’m not much of a shopper, so if you lived here, maybe my daughter would enjoy you being ‘Loaner Mom’? 😉

    Thanks for adding Mom’s Bits to the blogroll, and I can’t wait to see what you decide to write for us!

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