Now what?

This week has involved Back Pain.  And not the usual  low-back-pain-from-picking-up-heavy-boxes, either. No, this was Upper Back Pain like a hot knife between my shoulder blades. Also? Heartburnish stuff of the gall-bladder (totally self diagnosed, too) which caused a panic as I realized these were all symptoms of female heart attack.

Did you know women’s symptoms of a heart attack are different from men’s?

Except I didn’t have shortness of breath, nausea or extreme fatigue…so of course I didn’t call an ambulance or go to a doctor. Because I don’t go to doctors, unless I have to. I laid in the bed (the knife-in-the-back happened in the middle of the night) and evaluated the sensation carefully. Was it spinal, like maybe a slipped disc? Or muscular, like a bad cramp? At 2 am with my back on fire it was hard to tell.  I eventually determined that it was muscular.

So, the next day, I took OTC painkillers and got on the internet to play doctor. I know real doctors just LOVE that, but I love it too. There were several possibilities, but the most likely suspect was Poor Posture, Laptop Induced. Well ok. The laptop has to go to a desk and be placed high enough that the screen is eye level, and the back needs to be straight at all times. In other words, no more laptop computing.

That has helped! Also, a hard back rocking chair instead of a squishy recliner. Also, twice a day massage from my handsome and capable masseusse, which I am pretty sure will need to continue for at least a month, maybe more…we don’t want to stop too soon, y’know.  Also,  OTC painkillers- Aleve is helpful. Motrin works better but is kind of iffy what with the kidney situation.  Did I mention twice daily massages?  Oh, and doing the floors (which requires a certain degree of stooping) is Not Allowed, so the floors,what with all their low-level dog population, look awful. They really require twice weekly cleaning, which I do once a week on Tuesdays, but this back thing happened Monday so they didn’t get done and now it’s Friday and ugh, they look awful. And no, I don’t like anyone else to do them even though they would if I asked nicely.

Which has nothing to do with not wanting to burden them with my job, and everything to do with they won’t do it right and for me that is more frustrating than not having them done at all. I know that doesn’t make much sense but don’t we all have quirks that don’t make sense to anyone else even though we understand them perfectly?

What I DO have is a good bit of Season 2 of Downton Abbey to watch. And a great excuse to watch them instead of moaning around about the floors and all.

And the gallbladder thing? It has happened before, without the knife-between-the-shoulder-blades drama. Vinegar and molasses, followed by a bowl of something starchy and low fat (noodles) takes care of it.  I know eventually it will need seeing to by a paid professional, but currently it’s sporadic enough that it can be managed the old fashioned way.

I used to do what everyone else my age (and older) does, and whine and complain about getting older and things aching and making noises and generally complain about getting older. I could eat better and exercise and do all those things that will keep stuff running better. I know that. Complaining about getting older isn’t really sensible if one isn’t actually doing the things to stay healthy, it’s like complaining that your feet hurt when you deliberately buy shoes that don’t fit, or complaining that your curry is too hot when you deliberately ordered the green curry instead of the panang curry.  I just haven’t reached the point yet where I am willing to go the extra mile to be fit. I am not yet willing to give up the stuff that tastes good in exchange for the stuff that is really good for me…not entirely, anyway.

What I am NOT going to do anymore, well maybe not as much anyway, is gripe and complain about how body parts hurt or make noise or don’t perform up to my expectations, because seriously, it’s my own damn fault. I’m the lazy one, and no one is tying me down force feeding me Uncle Shug’s fried chicken.


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2 Responses to Now what?

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I am naturally lazy. It is the one thing I truly excel at.

    One of the happiest days of my life was the day they removed my gallbladder.

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