Getting it together

I am not, and have never been, the type of woman who can really put an outfit together. I do not have  The Knack. Yes, about once every 3 or 4 years, something magic will happen (Coldwater Creek catalog) and an outfit will appear, then I’ll have An Outfit, and because it’s so magical and unique like some sort of fashion unicorn, I’ll wear it until it is no longer stylish because it is a Successful Outfit, and also that once-in-a-blue-moon fashion hiccup.

I am working on that. It would be nice if there were more than one Real Outfit in the closet. Boy, does it take a lot of work, tho.

Shopping for clothes, the actual going into a store, trying stuff on, all that? I hate that. I hate mirrors, I despise the stuff that is currently ‘stylish’, and the cheap quality of anything, even in the Good Stores like Talbot’s or Dillard’s. Finding something that fits right is as tricky as finding..well..that unicorn.

And this is where I am incredibly grateful to Mom, who convinced Dad, back in 1975, that I needed sewing lessons. Thanks Mom!

Because now, I can make what I like. Style and fashion be damned.

So, now I am working on putting together some Outfits for Fall and Winter. The aformentioned GailK (see previous post) carries a huge selection of worsted wool suiting, the stuff you see very expensive men’s suits made from (preposition ending of a sentence!!), for not much, considering the quality of the fabric. I am going to make a suit. A skirt (street length) and a vest, in charcoal worsted wool with black velvet trim, and a white handkerchief linen blouse. Also, a dark cherry red coat, lined with some vibrant print (view C- the white one).   Because I want to, and can.  I actually kind of love tailoring, as opposed to simply sewing stuff.  The care and attention to detail in tailoring is akin to architecture.    There’s also plans for an assortment of shirts and blouses to go with the large number of skirts in the closet.

All this, of course, will be in between paying sewing orders, which are happening in ways that haven’t happened since I was in college (and paid 2 quarters of tuition by making Square Dancing outfits and reenactor’s costumes).

I guess the point is that I’ve finally figured out My Style, which is never The Style, but now I’m old enough to Not Care.  Now off to find some shoes to go with the suit…

Maybe these?(yes, I know they’re dance shoes…do you know how COMFORTABLE dance shoes are?)


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2 Responses to Getting it together

  1. WOW!!! You are a VERY good seamstress to make those gorgeous patterns. I LOVE the coat. Pictures when you’re finished please.
    xo jj

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