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Moving Day

Our eldest son is moving out (again) today.  I am….not sad. Mainly because once he’s out, the room he was in will get a serious scrub down, a fresh coat of wax on the floor and paint on the walls. … Continue reading

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I love Monday, really.

There are so many reasons to love getting away for a weekend: The household chores aren’t yelling at you You get to eat stuff you don’t normally have (DIM SUM! YUM!) The day-to-day stuff at home doesn’t seem so boring. … Continue reading

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I love Monday

No seriously, I really do love Monday. I also love Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And Wednesday because it’s the day I have Prayer Group and get to see my friends, and Thursday because it’s my self-appointed Day Off. I do … Continue reading

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Here in the South,which is all I can speak for because it’s where I’ve lived since I was 9, talking about money is In Poor Taste, taboo even. You don’t do it.  Well, except for some people,who have such good … Continue reading

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What’s up, eh?

So apparently, according to my stats (which I never pay much attention to but the thingy in the corner looked weird so I checked them) there were 4225 visits here yesterday. What? A normal day is about 50. Also according … Continue reading

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I wish Summer would hurry up and get here. Philosophically it is already Summer in these parts. That happens when you have to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Which happened the first of May, a full … Continue reading

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My parents came for a visit over the weekend. Friday was the 19th anniversary of my 27th birthday, and Mom went over-happy at the Antique Rose Emporium and brought 5 (!!) very old varieties of roses to put in my garden…I … Continue reading

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