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The Church thing

I’m not writing so much about God and Religion here, as I am about church- the organization- and my experiences with them. God will probably come into it, because He is,well, the reason for church, after all. I was born … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

I don’t really do a Thing for Easter. The house is not decorated, there are not baskets of candy and stuff for the kids, and I don’t bake a ham or fix a fancy dinner of any sort. It’s not … Continue reading

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I just noticed how wrong the picture of the automatic ruffler is. It’s as if someone who wanted to take a pretty picture of it (but had no idea how it actually WORKS) set it up. For those of you … Continue reading

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Meteorological moods

Sometimes I hate being me. I hate mercurial moods that act like some kind of philosophical trapeze artist out of control. Yesterday morning saw cynicism and kind of a mouthy attitude (o the things I said to a couple of … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day

Busy day ahead. Church from 10 to 2-ish, then moving CJ into his apartment! It’s 4th Sunday at church, which means a tasty potluck lunch after the service and I was called and asked to give my testimony which makes … Continue reading

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It’s that whole NEw Year thing kicking into high gear

School started Monday, Sunday School resumes today, Rev. Barnes starts a new sermon series today, it’s a potluck Sunday… all that good Fall stuff is settling into place. Oh sure the weather still acts like Summer but I’m ok with … Continue reading

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The Meeting with the elders

Went Well! They asked us questions about doctrinal stuff, we answered, they voted us in, and I insulted the preacher. 🙂 Details: After they voted us in, Pastor B said that they’d install us in front of the congregation but … Continue reading

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