Homersaurus Rex

that’s his new name. He was so laid back and mellow when we got him, like “dude, whatever…i’ll just lay here and chill.” but apparently he was either drugged or had to evaluate the situation or something because NOW he’s not LIKE that. O No…NOW he’s all RAWR Ima DINASORE RAWR and gnawing on appropriate toys as long as I keep them handy. Y’know, roadkills and things like that, rubber bones and stuff.

#4 picked him out a toy called ‘roadkill skunk’ which totally appealed to him because he’s a 12 year old boy. The thing is like a stuffed animal skunk with no stuffing and the eyes are all strange. It has a squeaker at each end which Homer ignores but drives Daisy bananas when you squeak it. She goes all 50 Year Old Virgin Librarian with her “GIMME THAT NOW” then gnaws on it until she gets to the squeaker and goes out in the yard and buries it. Hates it she does.

The Old Maids are warming up to him a bit. They won’t cuddle yet, but they don’t act like they’re going to eat him either.

AND! Last night he slept in his bed without crying at all! Terry hit on the perfect solution. Homer’s bed is next to ours, on the floor, and Terry threw the t-shirt he wore that day on top of Homer, who snuggled down into it and fell right asleep, for the whole night except once when he got up, trotted into the bathroom, and pooped on the rug. At least he had the room right, yeah? not a whimper or a whine, just a happy snuggle with a sweaty, stinky t-shirt.

So that’s my tip for getting your puppy to sleep all night without crying. Let him sleep in your bed a couple of nights, to get used to your scent, then give him a shirt you got sweaty in to sleep with, in his own bed. Ding!


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2 Responses to Homersaurus Rex

  1. Bella Rum says:

    good advice. it’s always here.

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    Puppies require such an investment of time and patience, but in the end you’re repaid with a wonderfully loveable new ‘family member’.

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