What’s up with that?

Typically, I enjoy buying groceries. It’s fun. (no, I don’t get out much, why do you ask?). There is a very set method:
1. I always use tote bags. I despise plastic grocery bags because they suck, and everything falls over in the trunk and the check out people only put 2 or 3 things in each bag so you wind up with about 1000. They load the tote bags up FULL, and they line up neatly in the buggy and trunk.
2. I always have a comprehensive list, organized by type of food (Dairy, Meat, Canned, etc) and in order of where the stuff is in the store. (compulsive much? y’think?) The list is made at the same time I make 2 weeks worth of menus, so I always have what I need to fix supper.
3.I go in the morning, after dropping #4 at school and before the store gets busy. A cup of coffee is aquired from McDonalds or Panera. I wish buggies had cupholders.
4.I like to buy one item that has not been tried before. This time: TrueLemon raspberry lemonade mix. It’s good! Alot more tart than Crystal Light.
5. When putting food on the checkout belt thing, I stand everything up neatly, and by catagory, so cans go in one bag and boxes in another, and there’s none of this annoying business of 27 unrelated objects being in bag together. I will even repack the bags if I dislike the way the clerk has done it. There is one clerk who’s line I seek out, as she is perfectly orderly in her method,and she appreciates the way I load the conveyor belt. It also keeps bananas and tomatoes from getting mashed. I HATE it when that happens. When I watch someone else just flinging things on the belt willy-nilly, I have to look the other way,because I am pretty sure their pantry is equally disorganized. (Hush Ruth. I’m talking about pantries, not refrigerators)
6.Upon arriving home, food is put away in a particular order. Refrigerated first, then freezer (except for stuff that has to be repackaged),cans,boxes, then meats are repackaged (I buy bulk quantities) and frozen.
7. Tote bags are carefully and compulsively folded neatly and stashed in the Brodie Meter tote bag(it’s slightly bigger) and hung on the hook in the utility room.
Lather, rinse, repeat 2 weeks later.
The sameness of the chore is comforting. I will usually run into a friend at some point, who’s doing the same thing, and get to have a bit of a chat. Today it was Kim.

However, today’s expedition was lacking something. I didn’t get the cup of coffee to sip on and consequently everything seemed off. Hurried and disorganized. I kept forgetting something and having to backtrack an aisle or two and became a little irritable. It also took much longer than normal, and I cannot figure out why. Typically I’m in the store by 8:10, and out by 9. Today I was in at 8:30 (David needed a ride) and didn’t get out until 10:00! That felt like the entire morning was knocked off kilter!

I did, however, get a bottle of white wine, with which to make a pitcher of strawberry peach sangria,that I had at Outback the other day. It was tasty tasty tasty.


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3 Responses to What’s up with that?

  1. Michelle says:

    Ooo, strawberry peach sangria. I need to try that. Do you have a recipe?

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    We are so different…LOL. You sew elaborate projects, I have trouble with buttons and would never attempt a hem. You love to go to the grocery, I despise it. You have little dogs, I have big ones. And yet, I just LOVE you!

    With a new puppy you probably need to stock up on the Sangria?

    • rootietoot says:

      Hey! Dachshunds aren’t little dogs! Just ask them! Homer’s actually training up nicely, much better than the other dogs did. I’d heard that males dachshunds were easier than females, and so far that’s proving true.

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