I am a 14 yr old boy.

So, Will(23), CJ(20), #4(12) and I were having dinner this evening. Terry, who is the mature person in the household, had some sort of business meeting and wasn’t there.

At some point in the conversation, Will tells of of a friend he has who is a yoga instructor, and how she deals with young male assholes who come to her class. She has them get into something called The Position Of The Child (you who’ve done yoga might know what this is) and hold his breath.

this makes him fart.

Which is embarrassing when you’re in a class with a bunch of hot women in tight pants.

So naturally, since we are who we are, this had to be tried. With much hilarity resulting because we, in this household, think farts are the funniest thing ever.

Dinner halted as everyone got on the floor and held their breath.

because we’re goobers.

and easily entertained.


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6 Responses to I am a 14 yr old boy.

  1. Nichole says:

    I must be a 14-year-old boy, too, because I’m going to try this immediately.

  2. notsosahm says:

    I love it that this yoga instructor knows how to deal with the guys even though they don’t know they’re being played. I’m forwarding this to a friend who is a yoga instructor. And, does this work with girls? We’ll find out soon enough…

  3. Oh geez, how did I miss this? LOL

    After I hurt my tailbone during the summer, I kind of threw my back out by having to sit in a wonky postition. One day while trying to ease the pain I discovered a new talent.

    If I push on the third vertebrae up from my tailbone, I will fart explosively. Not much of a party trick, but it makes the guys laugh!

    • rootietoot says:

      I was thinking of you when I wrote this post. Now i am going to have to try your trick. I broke my tailbone when I was a kid, and it still bothers me sometimes. You have my sympathies!

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