I love it when that happens!

So, I’ve been blogging now for about 10 years. There’s 6 years worth here, and another 4 elsewhere that I don’t remember. Maybe some of you do…doesn’t matter.

Anyway, there are a few blogs I’ve followed throughout my writing ‘career’. I like to follow people who aren’t like me…or don’t seem to be. People from different places, different stages of their lives, that sort of thing. If all I ever read were Middle Aged Southern Women With Guilt Complexes it would get real old real quick. I can get that at home all day long.

I like meeting people who’s blogs I’ve followed. You kind of get to know someone through their writing. The first virtual friend I met was Northern Girl. She had a thing in Charleston and drove down to Savannah for a day, and we met up, went to the beach, ate lunch and connected face-to-face. It’s interesting how comfortable it is to meet someone you kinda know about except for those fundamental things like what their voice sounds like or how they walk.

Last night I got to meet Renegade Evolutionand Mr E, on their way down to Florida. I’ve followed her writing for 9 years now, and while we are…shall we say….Different in many ways, there’s much in common as well. We had dinner (Terry was there too) and it was this sudden yack-fest like Old Home Week or something. It was fun to meet her in person because she’s this wee little bit of stuff with a massive head of hair (even contained in a hat is was like a horse’s tail) which I’d known about but seeing is believing.

If you read her blog,she’s kind of pugnacious, and puts herself out there as some kind of unrefined hick, and while no, she wasn’t dressed in Talbots with Papagallo espadrilles, she wasn’t a goober straight out of the woods “here wanna buy a bag of meth?” either. She and Mr E were delightfully….(please don’t hit me, Ren) Normal, regular folks on a trip to Florida stopping for dinner.

And I REALLY like having a real picture in my head, complete with tone of voice and how she walks (excellent posture btw, even with back issues) to put with the words on the screen.

I am hoping we can meet up again. Next time we’ll go up there and get that tour she promised.


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