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The trip to the grocery store…oy vey.  It was Big Groceries, too, a whole buggy full. I was nearly checked out, maybe 5 items left, and…the cash register computers died. All of them.  The cashier said “uh boy…last time this … Continue reading

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Blame it on the hurricane

Isaac isn’t anywhere near us. It’s way over there approaching the Mississippi delta (good grief and they aren’t fully recovered from Katrina yet, bless their hearts.) And yet, my arthritis…it’s like…some kind of psychosomatic thing. I hear “hurricane” and go … Continue reading

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Suffering the consequences

So. Yesterday was full of consequences. (before you worry, no one died, no relationships were ended, and actually this post has nothing to do with anything related to the last 2 posts) I wear aprons around the house. I am … Continue reading

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Solutions to problems

I’m getting a new fridge. I’ve never had a side-by-side before. Never had an icemaker, either. Now I’m getting both! I’m so fancy! They’re supposed to show up late morning. I am happy that Will will be here, because I … Continue reading

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Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

My Poor Puppy Rusty, (that’s his name now, to be referred to as “PPR)…he has a broken foot. 3 metatarsals in his front left foot, with nice clean breaks, not displaced (thank goodness, that would have required surgery and pins). … Continue reading

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Ok I had this dream last night. It wasn’t the least bit disturbing, in fact was somewhat entertaining but with annoying elements. I was on top of a a plateau, like a butte sort of thing with steep cliffs on … Continue reading

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All that Autumn stuff

We’re at that peculiar time of year, where it’s a little bit cool to leave the windows open all the time, yet it’s too warm by midday to have the heat on, and I want to wear a sweater but … Continue reading

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