I’ve checked my brain at the door.

You see, we only have 3 of them. And they’re like potato chips. Who only eats 3 potato chips? And the odd number upsets the balance of The Universe According To Rootietoot. The obvious answer is to get another one.

Plus, Terry has been wanting one for quite some time. Over a year, really. Only I have been reluctant because if he gets one, while it would technically be his, I’m the one who would get all the fun. Only, at night? Totally his.

But during the day he’s at work and I’m at home…so totally mine during the day.

Sigh. I think we might be getting a new puppy soon.

Terry turns to pudding-for-brains around babies of any sort. It’s endearing and he always looks so satisfied when a small creature is crawling on him. He’s had it hard at work the past…hm…5-1/2 years. He needs a cuddle buddy that won’t growl at him when he comes in the door, or look pissed when he doesn’t share his popcorn.

That’s the thing about male dachshunds, so I’ve been told. They have that whole “loyal hound” thing going. Female dachshunds are only loyal to whomever is closest to the food.

And he wants a wirehaired. According to people who know, apparently wirehairs are Very Serious, Indeed. Long hairs are goofy and keep the puppy mojo all their lives. This I can verify, for our 2 longhairs are very puppy-like, even at 8 and 6 years old. Short hairs are supposed to be quite Houndlike,which I can also anecdotally verify, as Dear Departed Rosy (R.I.P.) and Daisy, now 6-1/2 were and are VERY houndish,with the nose always to the ground, lazyexcept when they’re not, that sort of thing.

So anyway,I’ve put an email to the breeder in South Carolina where we bought Lacy and Lily,to see what she has available. Terry is interested in the third one down.

Sigh. am I nuts? The only thing that stopped us from getting one earlier this year was the travel plans, but those were cancelled and due to MORE WORK! YAY! we probably won’t be travelling again until next Summer. So it seems like a good time.


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3 Responses to I’ve checked my brain at the door.

  1. JerseyChick says:

    First I was, like, “Is the new dog going to like me if I come visit?” Then I saw the pic, and now, I’m, like, “Squeeee!”

    Brains aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

    Get. The. Pup. Name him Steve Rogers, and call him “Cap”.

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    Oh God, it’s like ‘looking’ at new cars…you always wind up with one! You’re sunk…you LOOKED! And is he ever CUTE. He doesn’t look like he’d be a bit of trouble LOL!

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