Have a little whine with that cheese!

You know what really cheeses me? When I get emails or facebook posts that say things like "If u luv Jesus then ul post this. If u don’t luv Jesus ul ignor it. post this so i no u luv Jesus."  Or this one, just a few minutes ago: 

This is CANCER month. IN MEMORY of every cancer patient, family
member & friend who has lost their battle with cancer, and in honor
of those who continue to conquer!
you love someone who has or had cancer . Many won’t copy & paste. I
was ……proud………to. Will you?

Pray tell, how will posting a canned facebook thing do *anything* toward finding a cure, or helping a family dealing with cancer? Will Facebook donate a dollar for every post? No.  Will a pat on the back and a ‘U Go Grrl!" be an adequate substitute for holding someone’s head as they throw  up (again) from chemotherapy side effects?  Will it give the mother of a 9 year old leukemia patient 20 minutes to take a shower or a nap?

Answer me this, if I post your "If u luv Jesus" horrifically spelled post, will you be encouraged, or will the rest of the world think "Jesus luvvers" are a bunch of 12 year old idiots with Lisa Frank stickers on their computer?

Why is it that perfectly sane. well educated and usually insightful members of my family send me these long emails with cheesy .gif images of teddy bears with sparkly wings and quotes from Joel Osteen,and ask me to send them back so they know I love Jesus? WHAT??

Now, where’s my Nigerian Love Letter…someone’s supposed to be depositing $8million in my bank account today. Tax Free!


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2 Responses to Have a little whine with that cheese!

  1. Rhu says:

    I hate the people that pass them on to me. Gullible fools.

  2. I am so with you on this stuff. It drives me crazy… and is part of the reason I don’t Twitter or Facebook anymore. Ugh.

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