So! I have this friend who makes these incredible amazing childrens dresses…you know, the french hand sewn Victorian gorgeous things that…welll…you know…gorgeous. She’s also the Preacher’s Wife. Anyway. We had prayer group today and she says to me “Peg, I need to talk to you afterward if you can stay a bit.” so I go “ooookay…am I in trouble? do I pray wrong? what have I done?” and she says “you are such a Methodist…”

So then she says “come here and look at this.” and shows me this website full of the craziest, most feminine Bohemian Meets Edwardian clothes you could possibly imagine.
“It’s like Victorian on crack!” she tells me.
“Roland hates this stuff!” she says (that’s her husband the Preacher)
“Don’t you think this stuff would translate beautifully into childrens clothes?”
and I’m thinking
“that would make amazing childrens clothes.”
so we start churning out ideas.
“What’s that fabric?”
“That looks like cotton gauze”
“That looks like pillow ticking.”
“That looks like tulle, you’d want to use silk tho, not nylon.”
“I could do that.”
“Oh I know a fabric store in Augusta…”
“Oh I bet you could take this pattern from Folkwear and adapt it…”


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