29 Day challenge

Gratitude, that is. It’s supposed to be a 30 day gratitude challenge, but I missed yesterday. So, it’s a 29 day challenge.

In 29 days it will be Thanksgiving. Well, here in the USA it will be. So, I challenge you, every day for the next 29 days, to find something to be grateful for. Write it down on a bit of paper and put it in a jar. Or alternatively, run to The Pottery Barn and drop $70 on a felt tree with numbered leaf pockets and stick a little card with your thing on it in a leaf. Personally, I am going for the jar option.

I think a jar will do nicely

It is my intention this Fall/Winter to whine less and be grateful more.

I wish I still had little kids who still get into this kind of thing. #4 still likes it. He adores his cheesy little felt Advent thing where you stick an animal or person on a background banner, so that by December 24, all the characters are on it- sheep, angels, etc and you have the Jesus’s birth story. I am looking forward to grandkids, and hope I can make them a gratitude tree…because I am SO not dropping $70 at Pottery Barn for one, even tho it will probably cost me $90 to make one.

Gratitude#1: My children are healthy


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2 Responses to 29 Day challenge

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Yep, healthy children springs to my mind, too.

  2. “….whine less and be grateful more…” That’s on my to-so list too. Love this idea. I think I’ll join in– with a jar.
    Thanks, jj

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