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So after I wrote, a pad of paper and a pencil was located, and I got to sketching. Then I remembered this incredibly old, soft amazing white tablecloth I picked up at an estate sale for like…a nickel. And it’s huge. Lotda fabric in there, cotton jaquard sort of thing and got to thinking…overalls. Loose, and gathered with funky pockets and knots at the shoulders instead of buttons…or maybe really big pearl buttons but I like the knots idea. And ruffles made of something else lighter weight, gauze, maybe or even tulle, perhaps. At the cuffs on the legs and maybe little bitty ruffles on the pockets. So I drew. #4 peeked over my shoulder and said “oh that’s cute! I wouldn’t wear it but I can totally see (girly girl X in the first grade) wearing that.

I was planning on taking that tablecloth and cutting it down into shams, but a set of overalls, maybe in a size 6 or so, and they’ll be loose enough someone smaller or bigger could wear them…hmmmm gonna run this by Peaches and see what she thinks. With a t-shirt underneath, maybe embellish the shirt with a ribbon or two….

Gonna hafta hit some flea markets and estate sales for fabrics….hmmmmm


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One Response to More on yesterdays post

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I’m so happy your creativity is being stoked! You are an amazing seamstress!

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