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A whole new experience

Yesterday was rough, y’all.  I got a call from my father, who asked me to call Grandmother and talk to her, assess her over the phone. Grandmother’s 100th birthday is in August, and she lives in a (very nice…REALLY REALLY … Continue reading

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Silly thing.

My brain does things. Does yours? Irritating thing, that brain. Mostly it’s a pretty good part of the body. It allows me to do stuff like remember how to take an infant dress and turn it into a bubble suit … Continue reading

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The Year In Review

Recap of the year, as seen at All&Sundry 1. What did you do in 2011 that you’d never done before? Learned how to use an embroidery machine, and rekindled a love for sewing and clothing design 2. Did you keep … Continue reading

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Ok better now

Situations resolved fixed and replaced with another situation. When you have as many adult children as I do, who are still young enough to do something stupid, you never really get to the point where everyone is chugging along happily, … Continue reading

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Thinking back

I don’t have much of a memory. Rather than a long timeline, everything neat and sequential, I tend to remember blips, impressions, and emotions. Sometimes something will set off a flurry of memories, and sometimes I’ll be doing nothing special … Continue reading

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24 years ago today

Terry and I got married. The ceremony was in my parent’s front yard with the daylilies and hostas blooming, oak leaf hydrangeas and pots of white chrysanthemums. We had a casual wedding. No fancy music, just a couple of friends … Continue reading

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a blast from the past

I love it when I find out someone (who’s dropped off my radar) is still alive. I also wonder why I found that out. Here’s what happened: someone I barely knew in High School (I moved from Georgia to Alabama … Continue reading

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