How annoying.

Ok, every year for the past several years my Grandmother has given me some money, with instructions to purchase something I really want that I would not ordinarily buy. This year, I bought a new sewing machine. It’s a fancy pants machine with lots of bells and whistles and a big thing that lets me do embroidery, monogramming and such. What fun, right? So I’ve spent the past few weeks figuring out all the sewing stuff. It has lots of options.

Having done that, it was time to sit down and figure out how to embroider. It came with what appeared to be software that would allow me to take any True-Type font and embroider with it. I could also apparently take an image, (perhaps a drawing) and convert it to an embroidery program. Nice, right? There was a USB stick in the box that would let me do all this stuff on the computer, then put it on the USB stick (they call it a dongle, which makes me giggle in a 12 year old boy kind of way) and plug it into the sewing machine and get to work.

Only, I can’t get the dongle to do it’s thing. It just dangles. (didja see what I just did there? *snort). So, I called the handy dandy 1-800 number on the package.
Ronald the Indian Software Tech: “Oh no, that’s not the dongle. That’s the built in programs you can use immediately. To get the dongle you have to buy the software.”
Me: “But I have software.”
RIST: “No, you have the software that lets you view the images, not actually USE the images. you have to buy the software for that.”
Me: “What.”
He: “You need to contact your dealer about purchasing the software.”
Me: (polite Southern euphemism for What The Hell)

So, having just written checks to the local university for tuition and fees and books within the past week, I realized that buying a fancypants sewing machine is much like that.

You have tuition fees (the sewing machine) which get you in the door. Then, you can attend classes (sew straight lines and make buttonholes). However, if you want to actually use the education (sewing machine) to it’s full benefit, you have to buy textbooks (software) that isn’t actually included in the cost of tuition (sewing machine).

I interpret this as kind of a scam/ racket sort of thing. So. I have to spend $400 on software, which will get me the basic package and a dongle. If I want to fancy stuff up a bit, perhaps do shaped monograms or cross stitch or digitize an image, that will cost more- to the tune of $1200. I can buy the basic package and add units (cross stitch, monogramming, digitizing) on later, which I will as I sell stuff. I made a deal with Terry, for him to buy the software for me and in exchange I will do some embroidery on work uniforms for him, as well as some other stuff.

But still…Kinda misleading there, Husqvarna Viking, putting that viewing software in there and making it seem like I could do something more with it. You’d be better off, in my opinion, upping the price by $400 and already having it ready to go.

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3 Responses to How annoying.

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I hate when this happens, you feel like you’ve been duped. I LOVE that they call it a dongle!

  2. Your writing and activities STRESS me, just reading.

    Have a martini and drop by and listen to the song I posted. You can’t SEE him (is he shy or what?) but you can sure HEAR “Richard Betts pickin on that red guitar”–give it a listen.

    Just about the best thing you will hear all week. 🙂

    Love ya.

  3. Oh, for the Love of Pete. Gotta tell you, though, my mother has a fancy pants sewing machine – complete with dongle (I helped her set it up using her laptop so she is semi-portable). She goes into her ‘sewing room’ and comes out with the most beautiful creations (she quilts) —- and a relaxed attitude. Totally worth the extra for the dongle.

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