Ok I had this dream last night. It wasn’t the least bit disturbing, in fact was somewhat entertaining but with annoying elements.

I was on top of a a plateau, like a butte sort of thing with steep cliffs on 3 sides and a smooth grassy slope on the 4th side. I was sitting at a small folding table, like the one I had as a child, and on the table was a plate full of piping hot biscuits and cornbread muffins. I have a big lump of butter and was buttering up those biscuits and cornbread, excited to have something delicious for a snack!

Then a helicopter flies overhead! And another one! One of them is a gunship, all bristling and mean looking. It lands first and a bunch of soldiers dressed in blue uniforms with white helmets and (??) white guns jump out and establish a perimeter while the second helicopter that looks like the one the President flies in lands inside the perimeter. One of the soldiers walks over to me while I am buttering a cornbread muffin and tells me I have to leave.

“But my muffins! My biscuits! They’re hot and the butter is melting and I am hungry!” I cry.
“I am sorry, ma’am, but you have to leave right now.”

I am not happy because all along I thought this was MY butte and my house is right there at the bottom of the slope and how DARE they interrupt my snack!

But I leave anyway, grumping the entire time. I do not know why I didn’t take the plate of muffins and biscuits with me, but I left them on the table and went to my little house.

When I got there, I noticed my vegetable garden needed weeding and the white picket gate was hanging a little crooked.

Then a Senator (I don’t know which one, they’re all the same anyway) arrived, with a cadre of the blue uniformed soldiers, and we had a chat about organic gardening. Then he left.

I decided to get my biscuits and muffins anyway, even if i had to be sneaky about it. So I put harnesses on my 4 dogs (Sally, a rat terrier we had for about 2 weeks in 1993; Lucy, a pointer we had for 10 years from 1994 to 2004, when she died of old age; a golden lab we’ve never had, and a cocker spaniel we’ve also never had) and I went to the cliff side of the butte and started climbing, straight up that cliff with the dogs scrabbling along behind me. Sally the rat terrier climbed over my head and reached the top first. Then the golden lab retriever pushed me from behind. Lucy tried, but was too old to make it and I told her to wait at the bottom, likewise the cocker spaniel.

We were very near my table of snacks, and I was hopeful that they were still warm. Sally the terrier bounced over to the soldiers and distracted them while I ate a muffin and gave the golden lab a biscuit. They were indeed still warm! The soldiers came over and told me I had to go back down the way I came up, and I said I would leave as soon as I was finished with my muffin.

Then I woke up.

Here’s what I think about this dream:
I love buttered bread. Buttered bread is bad for me, especially when I’d like to lose 50 pounds.
The butte/plateau represent my life, and the comfortable place I am in right now.
The helicopters and soldiers represents The Food Police, or perhaps my subconcious, which is trying to tell me to put the biscuit DOWN.
The Senator is my brain making up an excuse (other than biscuits) for there to be a helicopter.
The weedy garden and crooked gate are the aspects of my life that could use some improving.
The climb up the cliff is my selfish side, that is resenting being told what to do (PUT DOWN THE BISCUIT) and will go to any lengths to do what I damn well please.
Lucy(the pointer) was an extremely sweet tempered dog, and she shows up in my dreams frequently. It is comforting to see her there, as if she’s telling me she’s doing great.
I don’t know why Sally (the terrier) was there. Usually when a dog is in my dreams it’s either Lucy or Rosy (the wee dachshund we had to put down a couple of years ago. I still tear up when I think of her.)


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  1. Bella Rum says:

    Step away from the table and put the biscuits down!

    From one particularized dreamer to another, this one takes the cake….err…. muffin. Especially the organic gardening discussion.

    “Then a Senator (I don’t know which one, they’re all the same anyway)” Amen!

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