Update on Graceless

The Invalid Cat (you can call that in-VAL-id or IN-vuh-lid…take your pick) refuses to be invalidated. how many days? Thursday she had hip surgery…so let’s call it (counts on fingers…looks at calendar) 4 days post-op and she’s all “hey lemme outa here YOOOWWL” and has figured out how to tip her crate over so now she kinda rolls it around the house like a hamster ball. It’s better to just let her out of the crate and give her a big soft pillow (freshly fluffed in the dryer, thanks) to curl up on. Down in the gameroom, where Will set up his computer so he can multitask with Travis, whupping a collective Korean butt in some MMOG something or other whilst watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on the Netflix, she’s content to sit on the couch, as long as the soft and freshly fluffed cushion is there. She’s actually less active like that than cooped up in an offensive prison crate.
I remember 4 days post op from my hip surgery and I was totally “pain pill please, I don’t want to move can I just go to sleep please has it been 4 hours yet can I have another vicodin?” and she’s like HEY! Can I GO CATCH A SQUIRREL YET?


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One Response to Update on Graceless

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    This has always been my experience with animals too, they have a greater ability to deal with pain than we humans do and their recuperative powers are huge. Glad she’s doing so well.

    The visual of the crate rolling around will stick with me all day!

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