Shopping never turns out like it should.

Yesterday I had to take Carmina (the Salsa Red convertible that was my reward for driving a minivan for 22 years) to the dealer for some warranty fixin’. Since it was going to take several hours, the dealer shuttle gave me a lift to the nearby shopping mall.

I hate malls, and I hate shopping, but it beats sitting in a Panera store, eating endless pastries and drinking endless coffee. ok maybe it doesn’t. Anyway, earlier in the week I realized that I only had 5 long sleeved shirts. It being South Georgia, they aren’t really all that necessary anyway, but still it’s nice to have more than 5. So I decided to look for long sleeved shirts. I am picky. No prints, ruffles, spangles, stretchy gross knits or weird colors. No big embroidery or loud labels declaring “THIS SHIRT COST MORE THAN YOURS” (looking at YOU, Ralph Lauren). Since I am not petite, the first places I looked were Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart, both catering to the +12 sized types.

Dear Designers of Clothing for +12,
I do not wish to look like a birthday cake.

It was frustrating. Eventually I found a few shirts that, on the rack, looked great. Classically cut button up shirts in classic colors like french blue or white, and a nice pink stripe. Great! So I tried on one. Apparently if you’re a size 18,you’re supposed to be flat chested and have shoulders like a 19 year old linebacker. I don’t know where they got that from. All the women I know who are my size tend to have rather bodacious boobs.

When I whined to Terry, he said “make your own” and that’s exactly what I intend to do. To that end,after retrieving Carmina (problems fixed!), a call was made to the local Viking (Husqvarna Viking makes high end sewing machines) dealer for a look-see and a test drive.
Nice. Very nice. AND I can get a top of the line combination sewing-embroidery machine that will interface with my computer and allow me to make my own embroidery designs AND will sew through 6 layers of 16 oz denim with nary a whine for the paltry sum of $10,000. yes. As much as a small car.

There is, and always will be, a part of me that refuses to consider making payments on a sewing machine. So, no $10,000 machine in my future unless #4 digs a deep hole and discovers oil in our backyard.

Maybe one day. After the house and everyone’s college and EVERYTHING else is taken care of.

I’m going to make another trip down there before long, to look at Bernina machines.

And after all that, the bursitis in my left hip decided to make a comeback, so here I sit, with a cup of coffee and a bottle of motrin, not weeding,not cutting the grass,not climbing the stairs or doing any of those other things that need doing.


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One Response to Shopping never turns out like it should.

  1. JerseyChick says:

    What needs doing is taking care of your bursitis. Possibly a 007 marathon, it’s hard to tell from here.

    I admire you tremendously, because I’d rather have a leg sawn off than sew a classic button-down. Ok, maybe a toe.

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