Prodding toward adulthood

So, a week ago today #1 son moved back home. Today he said he found it briefly humiliating, but when all of his friends called him fortunate (The FOOD! The hot water!) he got over that, and is now feeling much better about it all.

I am glad about that, but he’s still not off the hook. And he knows this. To that end, today he discovered that because he is considered A Nontraditional Student by the local university, he can enroll without considering things like SAT scores or high school GPAs. Which is a VERY good thing, since he never took the SAT and the high school grades were not stellar. So he downloaded the application form, got a haircut (much needed), and has plans to go to the school tomorrow and get himself enrolled for the next semester, which starts January.

Yes. My oldest son is going to college. This makes me very, very happy.

And it’s time to change the header, as he no longer has that long shaggy hair. He’s also discovered the joy of 1950’s slide guitar music. Which I think is awesome. I’m also finally getting things done around here, like the patio cleaned off. For the paltry sum of $15 of gas in his tank (I am not an ATM machine, and do not give out money), he cleaned our enormous brick patio, which is truly a PITA to clean thanks to pine trees and brick pavers that weeds like to come up through, and lots of heavy furniture.


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2 Responses to Prodding toward adulthood

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    Good for him! Maybe there’s hope for my oldest?!

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