Grace the Cat and Phleud

So my cat, Grace (or Gracie) was (we think) hit by a car Wednesday morning around 9:30. She is not, however, a grease spot on the road. For this we are thankful. She does, however, have a broken pelvis. And that has been surgically repaired and now owns a scar that matches mine!

Gracie, looking Noble

Then at the same time she had her medical drama, my other cat, Phleud, chose to do a 2 day ramble so I got to fret that he was dying a horrible and lingering death in the woods, which is totally how I roll when I don’t know whats going on with the creatures supposedly under my domain. However, this morning he showed up, looking remarkably fit for an animal with a high metabolism who supposedly hasn’t eaten in 2 days. I think he’s 2-timing me.

Phleud and Gracie

Now this is cool-the repair surgery for Grace’s hip. Because cat’s are horizontal instead of vertical (like humans), the stresses on the hip joint is quite different. What the vet (who fortuitously is an orthopedic surgeon) did, was remove the ball head of her femur, so that the femur won’t bump against the breaks in her pelvis, instead it will just slide right by them. Eventually, scar tissue will form over the breaks and the head of her femur, growing together and forming a thing like the rotator cuff we humans have around our shoulder. This will make a flexible joint and she will have full mobility with the added bonus of never getting arthritis in that joint.

There will now be several weeks of recovery. She will need to be crated for a couple of weeks, but will be allowed to get in our laps, use the littler box, and move around a little bit. Then she will become exclusively a house cat.She is NOT going to like that.

but she *is* ok. no internal injuries, no concussion, and the vet said she’s the sweetest natured cat he’s ever worked with.

Of course!


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5 Responses to Grace the Cat and Phleud

  1. Nichole says:

    I’m glad she’s on the mend! Those are beautiful cats.

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    When I was growing up a cat of ours was hit by a car (we assume) and broke his pelvis. He recovered so well; you couldn’t tell he’d ever been injured. I bet vets nowadays have superior surgical options too, so I’m sure she WILL be fine. But yea, sounds like they both need to be inside cats?

    They ARE beautiful!

    • rootietoot says:

      The problem is that *they* don’t think they should be inside cats, and I like having an open pet door policy for the dogs, and the cats are very Siamese is voicing their disapproval of anything they disapprove of, like closed pet doors. But I suppose we will adapt. I’m going to see how they react to a leash. If you don’t hear from me, you will find my shredded remains behind the garden shed.

  3. Jo says:

    Oh my goodness, how scary. I’m relieved to hear she survived and will be right as rain. My Siamese is crazy/impulsive and every time he charges across the road it takes a year off my life.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    That first pic of Gracie is really beautiful. Glad she’s a survivor. Hang in, Gracie!

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