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Moving Day

Our eldest son is moving out (again) today.  I am….not sad. Mainly because once he’s out, the room he was in will get a serious scrub down, a fresh coat of wax on the floor and paint on the walls. … Continue reading

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Menfolk and those of tender sensibilities can move along to something else. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Once a month, after the PMS crunchies, I get tired, hungry, and not so much cranky-want-to-shoot-something as just…eh…leave me alone to my … Continue reading

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Well! That went better than expected!

My motto worked this time: Expect the worst, when it happens, you’re prepared, and if it doesn’t, you’re pleasantly surprised! So Mother In Law and Father In Law came in Wednesday afternoon, and we had a pleasant and light meal … Continue reading

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tryptophan coma

antidote to tryptophan coma and mother in law boredom: Military channel talking about Abrams tanks, and a deep glass of cranberry and vodka. There is the son “you just threw away like yesterdays garbage” leaning against my knees on the … Continue reading

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One more good thing about the mother in law

She always calls as she’s leaving her house to come here, so I pretty much know exactly when she’s showing up. It’s an 8 hr trip, with 1 hr for lunch and maybe a stop at UND’s, so if they … Continue reading

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Give it to God

Well, this morning I woke up about 4, like usual (It’s ok! It’s not a bad thing!) and settled into praying for my family, like usual, and started fretting about CJ, like usual. “Dear Lord, please let him pass Science, … Continue reading

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two down, one to go…maybe

So at this point, it would appear that Terry’s mother and Uncle Navy Dude have figured out that the issues with CJ are more due to CJ’s inherent personality than our poor parenting style. “hardheaded” is the term that seems … Continue reading

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