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Hunters and gatherers

I see 2 styles of shoppers- hunters and gatherers.   Hunters go in knowing exactly what they want, find it and buy it whether it’s on sale or not, then leave.  At the risk of being sexist, this is how … Continue reading

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Deck the halls, rah rah rah…

In spite of the worlds best efforts, in spite of cheery commercials that tell me if I give/get expensive electronics and sparkly jewelry I will be showing/receiving proper love to my family, in spite of a massive stack of catalogs … Continue reading

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My parents came for a visit over the weekend. Friday was the 19th anniversary of my 27th birthday, and Mom went over-happy at the Antique Rose Emporium and brought 5 (!!) very old varieties of roses to put in my garden…I … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

I don’t really do a Thing for Easter. The house is not decorated, there are not baskets of candy and stuff for the kids, and I don’t bake a ham or fix a fancy dinner of any sort. It’s not … Continue reading

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Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

Not My New Year’s Resolutions: Lose 50 pounds Exercise Every Day Eat more vegetables Eat less potato chips Be kinder to my family Be kinder to strangers Blah blah de flamin’ blah. Who does that, anyway, I mean, ok so … Continue reading

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Staring down the tunnel toward Christmas

There sure is a lot of build-up for Christmas, isn’t there? Months of planning (or not, maybe weeks, or I hear some people actually wait until Christmas Even then go “OH NO IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!” and then run in a … Continue reading

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Making plans: on the road again

I love making plans. Half the fun of a trip is in the planning, the optimism…it’s like planting a garden, you just know it’s going to be fabulous! So anyway, when we were in Atlanta last weekend (and I am … Continue reading

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