Do what you want, when you can.

Terry is not looking forward to this next surgery…I mean, who does? Does anyone (except maybe a person with Munchhausen’s) ever look forward to it? No? I didn’t think so. While I looked forward to the results of having my hip replaced, and to the results of giving birth, I never actually eagerly anticipated the processes. Hospitals aren’t resorts, the food sucks, and being checked by someone in unflattering scrubs every 4 hours…well, you know.

The doctor informed Terry that he WOULD be out of work for 5 days, if the Dr had to hire a goon squad to tie him down, he would. FIVE DAYS NO WORK. END OF STATEMENT. Of course, Terry was all “yas sir, whatever you say, sir” while plotting how to get around the edict. So, the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, which means he only misses 2 actual days of mill-running work (Friday is a clean up day, and it’s Labor Day weekend). Steve, Terry’s counterpart in the Chicago operation, will be down for the week, and can run interference if El Presidente and The Jackass try to pull a stunt like they did last time, messing with Terry’s system and upsetting the staff. So, it’s the best of all worlds, considering.

Terry was also told that his arm will be COMPLETELY immobilized for 3 solid months. Well that stings, doncha know. But, soft tissue injuries don’t heal like bone injuries, they are tooky and particular. Basically what they’re doing is taking the big ligament that disonnected itself at his wrist, pulling it down (it’s like, all rolled up in his arm) and pinning it in place. Then he has to keep it perfectly still for 3 months to let it heal, then gradually work it back, doing physical therapy and not doing anything fun like changing brake shoes or golfing for a good long while.

I don't know if they'll do this, but they may have to, since he's, y'know...hardheaded.

I don't know if they'll do this, but they may have to, since he's, y'know...hardheaded.

You know how it is, you can go for near forever, comfortable in the knowledge that you *could* do something if you wanted to, but not actually doing it because *eh*, you’d rather do something else. Then suddenly, you’re in a position where you *can’t* do something, and that’s the very thing you want to do the most. I went through that with my hip. 2 weeks after it was replaced, and suddenly I’m overcome with the desire to do ballroom dancing. I predict come early October, Terry is going to desire woodworking above all else, and he’ll still be 2 months away from being able to even consider it. This morning we discussed the construction of a liquor cabinet, something to match in style our 1910 Arts and Crafts sideboard. I pondered perhaps I could build it with his leadership. Not the same as actually being the one to get sawdust in his hair, but perhaps it would help some.

So I guess the lesson, kids, is do what you want, when you can , because you never know when the chance will be taken away.


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2 Responses to Do what you want, when you can.

  1. Bella Rum says:

    My brother had a couple of hip surgeries and went back to work way too soon. I hope you can get Terry to take it easy, but I know his type. It will be a challenge.

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