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Gee! Congee!

Because we’re staring down a heckalotta hospital bills suddenly, I am having to revert my thinking back to Cheap. Particularly in the Food Department, because that’s where I spend most of the household money. So, calling upon memory has been … Continue reading

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So, Terry has to have another surgery on his arm, to repair ligaments that disconnected during the original injury that broke the 2 bones in his lower arm and required surgery to put in plates and so on…Ok, I thought. … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news…

Today is filled with visits to the physicians. Terry is seeing the orthopod about his wrist, which has been misbehavin’, acting all wrong, looking strange. The other night he was pretty much convinced that they’d have to break his arm … Continue reading

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You know how the screen of your computer gets dusty, and you have to clean it off. Well, sometimes the inside gets dirty as well, and needs cleaning. Here’s some help with that.

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If Only’d Better Happen.

This morning, Terry sat down with his (enormous, quart sized) cup of coffee and sighed “Why does it have to be Tuesday, why can’t it be Thursday?”. Yeah, I know the feeling. Granted, I like the week, when everyone’s gone … Continue reading

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The Prank

Because he’s nice that way, and because he’d reconnected with many of his old classmates there, Himself decided to ‘friend’ his old high school girlfriend (I almost said ‘sweetheart’ but that would be a gross mischaracterization), and right out of … Continue reading

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Needs a favor from the women

email me at Rootietoot *at* gmail *dot* com if you are female, on facebook, and willing to participate in a snarky and vindictive prank. It’s harmless and aimed at a particular woman who makes Terry deeply grateful he married me … Continue reading

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