Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news…

Today is filled with visits to the physicians. Terry is seeing the orthopod about his wrist, which has been misbehavin’, acting all wrong, looking strange. The other night he was pretty much convinced that they’d have to break his arm all over again, and start from scratch, and this caused much anxiety. My theory is that HE’S USING IT TOO MUCH BEFORE IT’S READY TO BE USED but then what do I know. It’s only been 6 weeks, he had flamin’ PLATES put in his arm- 2 of them and he’s all “oh, I don’t have time for this” and “oh I think it should be ok” but then he forgets that he’s 45 not 25 (sorry, hon, you know it’s true). I predict they’ll slap him in a cast and tell him to suck it up. Casts are not the optimal thing around these parts, and certainly not in a 115 degree textile mill. I mean, he comes home every night with his sling stinky from the sweat, imagine a cast that can’t be washed. ew.

I get to see The Good Dr. P, on the advise of The Good Dr. H. Dr. H is squirrely about my kidney function, as it’s not “bouncing back like I hoped it would”, said he upon my last visit. He wants me to consult with Dr. P about the possibility of seeing a nephrologist. *sigh*. Like I need another doctor. Plus I have this nasty rash on my hands, which all my internet research tells me Not Much Can Be Done except for stress management therapy. Like I need another doctor. It’s called dishidrotic excema and looks gross and nasty, plus it itches like a (insert expletive). Apparently stress brings it on, and I’ve had it off and on since I was pregnant with Will 22 years ago, but what I want to know is why doesn’t everyone get it because damn, people, LIFE is stress, right?

Between the 2 week trip (when it started), Terry breaking his arm 3 days later, #4 spending a week in the hospital with Gut Bugs right after that, CJ moving away and the inherent criticism (both internal and external) from that incident, my poor hands, they look like someone spilled acid on them. Feel like it, too.

Now is when I’m finally asking Daisy Deadhead for some dermatological advice. I’ve tried the Pharmaceuticals, and the Old Home Remedy of beeswax, lanolin and lavender oil (it always worked before!) and nothing is helping. I’ve tried the Old Tyme Country Doctor remedy that worked so well on #4’s excema of wet skin coated in Crisco and cotton gloves. Nothing. Does anyone have something else that might work?

Other than that, life’s grand. The washing machine is behaving, the dogs only poop on the bathroom floor, and only when they’re too lazy to go back downstairs and out the pet door to poop on the patio. #4 is loving school, CJ called and with the exception of his poor beleaguered truck which is finally revolting against his mistreatment, is doing well in school. Work is kicking Terry’s ass, but what else is new. Some people need to do some serious retiring so Terry can actually DO his job.

*edited a few hours later*
So, apparently Terry popped a ligament in his wrist. This means more surgery, next Wednesday, plus at LEAST 3 more months recovery as well as physical therapy. This explains the weirdness in his wrist.

Also, Dr P said “Oh my goodness” to the rash on my hands, never a good sign, and prescribed me Nuclear Strength steroid cream. And a referral to a nephrologist (unrelated to the rash). *sigh*

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4 Responses to Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news…

  1. NEEM! It’s the greatest thing ever–either buy the lotion itself or the straight oil, which has fat-globbies on top (this is normal, do not fret). Use the oil in a carrier oil like Almond, or even household olive oil will work… about 20 little drops, drip-drip-drip, not BIG drops, to 1 to 1/2 oz of carrier oil. Then apply. Lotion is not as strong and takes longer to work.

    I even had a shot of steroids for my eczema, and nothing worked until I used the Neem. I used it whenever I remembered, maybe as many as five times a day.

    This is my favorite brand–but any of them will do.

    PS: I have made several liberals mad today with my disrespectful post, may have to come join your side. 😉

  2. rootietoot says:

    Neem! Thanks! I’ve used it on my plants in the past. Lemme think where I can get it…may have to use it as an excuse to go to Savannah…

  3. I was gonna suggest cortizone…what an awful condition, it sounds so painful! Hope it gets better soon.

    Too bad about H’s arm too….is he at least a good patient? Most men aren’t 😛

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