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I did it! Finally!

I’ve updated Weinerdog Bliss! I’ll try to do it more often. Advertisements

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Is there any sort of stress or strife that a stiff martini with 3 olives can’t smooth over? No? I didn’t think so.

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Meet Agnes

Sweet Daddio will be on his way home soon, I hope. I want him to take me to dinner somewhere. Colorado for some of their excellent Tex-Mex and a tasty margarita, maybe. Thing is, I have all the stuff for … Continue reading

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Rootie’s a Technodweeb!

I’m thinking really hard about podcasting the Savannah Scottish Games this year. Amber knows how to do all this, as the HonchoDweeb of the Georgia Podcasting Network, and has said she’ll help me figure it all out. The Games were … Continue reading

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I have a headache, and a cup of hot green tea with mint. I have a little laundry to do, so what else is new? I’m tense, and strangely for me, not desirous of a vodka and grapefruit juice. Maybe … Continue reading

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The Grand-Reopening

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Rootie’s Kitchen

link is to the over there—————–> So, I’m thinking of ramping it up a bit, maybe offer lessons in simple cookery, or lists of items that are good to have always in the kitchen (like rice vinegar, peanut butter, and … Continue reading

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