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The Sublime Okra

Okra is a vegetable, one I grew up with. Mom gained great satisfaction out of growing okra, with it’s dramatic hibiscus-like flowers, it’s stunning 6-8 foot tall plants, and those delectable seed pods. Well, maybe not so delectable. Okra tastes … Continue reading

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Does it work this way?

If I eat a breakfast of a 7-grain organic hot cereal, with raisins and honey and cinnamon, kind of along the lines of that sweet-feed they give horses as a treat, can I then, with clear concience, have a whopper, … Continue reading

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We has them! 3 weeks old, so CUTE! A basketful of them! The orange one is called “Screamer” Our house. it’s brimming o’er with the saccharine presence of KITTENS! Turning the hearts and minds of grown men to MUSH! The … Continue reading

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