Well. 2.0

I may wind up at the Dr. office again today, not with #2’s broken finger (there is that, but this is in addition to that) but with #3’s throat and fever. He’s been running one since Monday, and his throat looks like The Soul Train, technicolor and I swear it pulses. He also still feels like crud, which is atypical for him. While he is a Drama Queen when it comes to any perceived disability, for it to last 3 days is unusual. My modus operandi for disease is to give it 5 days, let the body do what the body will do, and avoid antibiotics if possible, but I am getting a squirrely feeling about this, and I’m thinking, once the orthopedist visit is out of the way with #2, I’ll try to get him in for Beverly to take a look at.

Bevery is the Nurse Practitioner at Statesboro Family Practice, and I like her. She is calm, relaxed, and emminently competent. She can size up a situation in no time, and isn’t afraid to call in a doctor if she has any question about a situation. She is my practicioner of choice. She’s the one who was able to see #2 on 15 minutes notice yesterday. That’s another thinkg I like about her, she is almost always available.

So, welcome to Rootie’s Private Sanatorium for the Feeble and Infirm. Here’s hoping #4 will stay healthy.


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