Eulogy for Terry

As I write this, about 4 hours ago my father passed away. The world has come unbound and a dark orchard of loss and grief has taken root. Its effects are total, and exist inside of each moment. From this place I stare out onto a world changed. No amount of howling or weeping pushes it away. Only the World Breather, The most High, and the time upon which His designs take place can mitigate this terror.

I am not the most pious 20-something alive right now, nor would I pretend to be, From my father, Terry Dodd, I take an abhorrent view of dishonesty, especially my own. In this way, Dad emulated Christ always. So please don’t take my hesitancy to invoke the name of God as arrogant or proud, it is simply my desire to be truthful to the friends and family gathered here for him.

Honesty, simply, was more than a principle to him. It was an instinct through which he would discern the value of a person. A process which is normally a tedious and difficult task took place in an instant for him. His personality, his activity, and nourished intellect all contributed to his innate desire for people to treat each other fairly and truthfully. He was a rare man, proud and true. you could see the authentic pride he carried in his large blue eyes and his upright posture. this was his gift. A living thriving sense of God’s golden scale.

There is no man now that lives a perfect life. We, the ones who loved him most, our memories of him are not unblemished cheerful vignettes. Having wronged, and been wronged, these are universal human experiences and there’s no longer a need to dwell on the details. As he joins the divine ecology of souls in the presence of his Creator, we should examine the artifacts of his life and continually tend to his memories. his calm presence, mellow greetings and farewells, the warm thud of an affectionate headbutt. His earnest and thorough efforts to continually improve the lives of his children and beloved wife. These remembrances are the still-clear echoes of a singular man. I can watch them ripple and wash over all of your faces, and I am proud. he was good, and happy. He knew affluence, love, benevolence, righteous anger, and no small measure of peace. he loved us all so much.

It is ok to say goodbye. We say it to people we expect to see again, even if the intervening years stretch into decades. He was patient, and will probably pace in the lobby while he waits for us to catch up.

Goodbye, Dad. We love you.

Eulogy for Terry Dodd, written by his son, Will.

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3 Responses to Eulogy for Terry

  1. Kathryn says:

    Beautiful. How proud you must be of the fine young men you and Terry raised.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    How beautiful this is. What a fine son.

  3. Judy says:

    How very eloquent!!! How very beautiful!

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